The Orgasm and the Thunderstorm…


So it is nearing 5am, and I am nowhere near the sleeping schedule I should be on for my first day of work on Thursday. But I just had the most amazing experience and I thought I should write about it.

It was your typical Sunday evening, I had said to myself “I am going to bed at a normal time tonight, but let’s just check out some chatrooms first.” I found myself in my usual hangout on Paltalk, and was just chatting away with some of the “regulars” I know. I also had Skype open and was talking to “Shane,” (a guy I had met briefly last week), who is duller than a stump. I closed off Skype and decided to venture into the sinful world of Adult Chat. Now I know, I have said it before, that place is a den of sin and all guys want there is a plaything to jerk off to. I had the Adult Chat minimized and was chatting away in Paltalk when the Literary, messaged me. Now me and the Literary have gone back and forth over the years, and his 22-year-old immaturity finally reached a breaking point with me. I am going to be 37 in 21 days so I have no more time to screw around with these kids. Anyway, I politely told him I was tired of his games and closed out his window. Then a mysterious “M-M” messaged me. M-M was all his handle said. I was curious and opened his chat box to find that he was a psychology educator in Maine and was looking for an articulate, creative passionate woman to converse with.

My antenna immediately went up. There are literally thousands of people who go through this Adult Chat on every given night, and out of the thousands there is usually one gem that is worth all the dick pics and vulgar come-ons. Like since my handle is “Articulate Lady” and I get messages that say “Can you articulate on my cock?” Seriously folks, this is what I get on there. Anyway, among all that nonsense, M-M seemed like the real deal. (M-M are his initials as I found out later on. I originally thought it meant “Married Man,” cause ya never know, but he isn’t amrried, phew!)

But I digress, me and M-M had an amazing conversation about life, people on the internet, and some of the horrible “ghosting” experiences we had. We moved the chat over to Google Hangouts, (points for me because I scored the email), and we continued to have a more in-depth discussion. I became bolder as the night went on and we both went on to discuss our sex lives. He is bisexual, (like Azure was, Azure being the guy I had many sex sessions with over two years, who I considered a wonderful friend, then ghosted me, Asshole!). Anyway, I have always had a weakness for bisexual men. I think that they are more open with their sexuality and can be more eager to experiment. I actually find it quite hot.

As things started heating up, and my room was become hotter by the moment, something odd happened. The loudest, most extreme thunderstorm was booming overhead. As we were both masturbating and conversing, the thunderstorm grew louder and bolder and as I was achieving my climax, the wind howled, the lightning stroke, and the thunder boomed. It was the most intense, surreal orgasm I ever had. I would dare to even call it a spiritual orgasm, or a deep tantric experience.

I have never felt more energized and I have never felt more alive. After M-M and I exchanged goodnights, I went outside in this thunderstorm, smoked a cigarette and stood out in the rain and got wet. It was exhilarating and freeing. As I felt the rain through my hair and on my glasses, I thought, “this is it.” Could M-M be the one I was waiting for? After our horror stories about the ghosting we both went through, I don’t expect him to just vanish into the night. I think he is going to stick around and we will have a lot more sexy stories to share and perhaps some roleplays to enjoy.

Now the storm has passed, and I can hear the wonderful birds outside beckoning sunrise. What a night it has been! I have to say this past week has been the most eye-opening and expressive to me. I have never felt more in-tune with nature and even with God. I know nearly every religion says masturbation is a sin, but tantric experiences like this cannot be a sin or even dirty and evil. It was beautiful and electric and I hope I have many more to come. We will see what the next chapter holds.

Stay tuned.

About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you,


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