The Keys to the Universe, and Uh, Romance?


So, I hunkered down and watched William Shatner’s “Truth in the Stars” on Netflix and was totally blown away. And romance? Well that has been like a high-flying adventure in the stars too! I mean, my current flavor of the month disappeared tonight, and even though I am a little sad, I am not devastated. And as a bipolar, obsessive mess, that’s like a miracle!

Anyway, today I met with my new psychiatrist. He seemed a bit nervous and caught off-guard by the fact I wanted to change doctors after 5 years of being with the old one. Well, to be honest it just wasn’t working. My mania has been in high gear, and my sleep has been totally screwed. I can’t even say screwed, it’s been straight up fucked. I need something to get myself regulated and get off this narcotic drug I was put on years ago called Klonopin, which has me like a zombie most mornings. But enough of that, hopefully all that will get sorted with this new doctor.

Anyway, back to the universe! Boy, that documentary was pretty good, it’s a must watch if you’re a Science Fiction fan, and bonus points if you’re a Star Trek fan! It’s been 50 years!! I always felt the universe had a mission for me, or put people in my life that were meant to show me some wonderful things.

Enter, “Pilot.” Now, Pilot is a cute sea-green eyed, 6’2″ 38 year-old hottie, from Tampa Florida. He is a helicopter pilot, (or so he says), and is ever so focused. Like literally when I talk to him, there could be bombs going off, and he would be completely focused on me. He makes me feel absolutely beautiful and special, and this is going to be a romance to remember. It’s very serendipitous that he came into my life at this time. I really needed him right now.

In other news, the Astronomer passed by my chat box for some hot cyber sex the other night. But he’s another one that drops off the map while you’re in the middle of your coitus. Like WTF dude??  He will pop up again, I’m sure, at some later date. Why do I put up with him? I can’t get enough of his hot body!  Haha, so shallow of me, I know!

Things are also heating up with Kurio. He wrote me four letters yesterday, and that must be come kind of record for us. I am really enjoying my romance with him too. So many options! I have to admit I have never felt so free and in control. I have missed this feeling for some time. What will the future hold? What are the keys to the Universe? I think it is really just living in the moment and enjoying every bit of what life has to offer. I mean it’s not everyday that you have orgasmic sex and fall in love with another in the same week! I don’t think I mentioned my night of orgasmic sex on this blog yet, but just know that it happened not too long ago!

I have never felt sexier. I mean I am also making real moves to improve my life too. Health and body wise, I mean. The first step was changing doctors and now it will be to see my Primary Doctor tomorrow to help me with my thyroid problem. Then I will start my weight-loss journey later this year. Fifty pounds outta do it I think. I mean I am curvy and hot as hell, but I could use a little work on my belly and maybe some on my thighs. Maybe I will get myself a personal trainer or something, I don’t know yet. All I know is I feel really good, and I have a job now where I can afford to do these things.

So, I am finally doing it. I am going “Boldly Where No One Has Gone Before.”  A special cheers to all you Star Trek fans out there!

We will see what the universe has in store for me tomorrow.

Stay tuned.

About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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