A Strong, Confident, Articulate Woman in the Dating World


So I did it. I mastered it. That’s right ladies, I have cornered the market on how to have a successful dating life. First and foremost, you really have to stop giving a damn. I say that in the most sincere, kindest and honest way possible. What happened to me was, I was searching and searching for Mr. Right, you know, as we all do. I got their Skype, Google, Yahoo, and whatever contraption out there that hooked up to my phone so I would know INSTANTLY when I got a message from a potential suitor, and would drop everything to message them right away. BIG MISTAKE.

Men don’t really care about you, other than pussy or companionship. Point blank that’s what they want. Either they are lonely or want to get laid, those are their two motivations for contacting you. So what do you do? Stop giving a fuck! I know, I know, its REALLY hard, because you like a guy, you turn around and have sex with him and then he vanishes, never to be seen again. I have fallen victim to this COUNTLESS times.

Through all of it though, I realized, that men WILL come back. They WILL resurface if you made an impact on them. The dating world is a very strange animal in that there are way too many options for everyone. Married people get mixed up in this whole dating phenomenon and wonder if they “settled” for something less than what they always dreamed of.

I have come to the conclusion, that they key to happiness is to have SO MANY OPTIONS, that the ones worthy of your time will just have no choice but to COMPETE FOR YOU. That’s right ladies, it’s the age-old wives’ tale, “boys want what other boys want.” Since my whole I don’t give a fuck attitude, my phone and all my messangers have been blowing up like you wouldn’t believe. A guy that disappeared four months ago that I had amazing sex with will hit me up and we would have another amazing night together. Where most women would be like “It’s been 4 months since you’ve contacted me, fuck off!” I am the complete opposite. I make myself a memorable, gettable, unattainable, articulate, confident sexual dynamo that’s every man’s dream. I give each of my men 110% of me that I can give them in that moment. IMPORTANT POINT: Never lose your upper hand ladies. If for ANY reason, you are feeling coerced, pressured, uncomfortable, into something you don’t want to do, or you feel you are not being treated that the Queen that we all know you are, there is NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING wrong with telling a man the truth the situation.

What is the truth? “Sorry, I am not having sex with you tonight. I will not be coerced or pressured into something I don’t want to do, and honestly, I am in very high demand, so if you can’t treat me with me with the respect I deserve and don’t know how much of a privilege it is to be with me, there are literally thousands of men waiting to take your place.” Two things can happen. He can either tell you to fuck off, or really respect your position and GIVE you the commitment that you want.

Now I know it’s so HARD to let a man go, and be that assertive, but honestly, do you want anything less? You know your worth right? So why can’t he? The absolute fact is, we have the pussy, and they want it. There literally WILL be THOUSANDS of men in your Tinder/OkCupid/POF account waiting for you when you get home. I know there is such things as connection and romance. I am not blind to that, nor am I insensitive to it. But you MUST know your worth. And you MUST stand up for yourself.

I am not saint. Some may even call me a slut, but I have no shame in my game. Men WILL ALWAYS find me, and if one decides that he thinks I am too arrogant or a slut, (which is totally not true, I am the kindest, sweetest, most loving person on the planet), then he can go right back in the dating pool and look for a woman who suits him.

Ladies, the minute I stopped chasing men, I got everything I always wanted. Freedom, absolute power and control. A man can still dominate me. A man can still show his Alpha side, but NEVER will I EVER let a man take my power from me again.

Disclaimer: Through all of this, I have my loving best friend at my side who will be my companion till the day I die. The sex wasn’t there when we dated, but the companionship, stability and reliability he gives me is better than any DICK out there. Besides, I can date. I have my dildo and vibrator right? I think maybe it’s because I have a life partner locked down that I get away with all of this. Oh, and for all you ALPHA MALES that are ready to chew me a new asshole in the comments section, I DO TELL every one of the guys about my best friend. THEY ALL know up front that I have a man in my life that loves me and that I want to spend my life with. It’s up to them, if they can prove themselves a better man and give me all my best friend has, plus amazing, orgasmic sex. Let’s see who’s up to the challenge shall we?

Stay tuned.

About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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