A Tale of a Cyber Artist

cyber artist

Hot. Too hot for October. Where the hell was Fall in New England? Just another Friday afternoon. Click, click at the keyboard. A small glass of cool Honey Jack Daniels sits on the desk, begging her pillowlips for another taste. Writer’s Block. They are just words on the screen. Am I really here? The fact is I should be working, but that can go to hell right now.

Sitting here topless with just panties, I give a playful tug on my breasts. That as an amazing cyber sex session the other night. Vivid colors of imagination roll on the screen as “Only Forever” by Bing Crosby echoes in the background. Falling, falling deep, in his arms. My nipples harden with thoughts of him.

Unitarianism. A universal truth. Where as we discussed God in a universal sense, as opposed to the belief that God is all eternal being but more of just a creation of a great universe. Is God the universe? Or is the universe God? That question has been debated for centuries, but two chatters in different parts of the country are exploring those fantastic ideas in each other’s company.

I have written stories before, but on this hot October afternoon, I think attention should be paid to an eternal truth. Whether in art or music, the most fantastic ideas are formed in a creative mind. As I take a sip of my drink, I fall in a deep ocean of memory. My body, my canvas is blank, and I am just on the edge of creation.

Click, click on the keyboard, I watch this meaningless chat go by. Why do I even come here? Mindless chatter on the most asinine of topics. Joy and laughter found in nonsenical rantings. Really? *Beep* goes my phone. “What you doing, I’m bored,” I read on my phone screen. I suppose if I told him I would go over there and suck his dick to pass by the afternoon, he wouldn’t be so bored. My patience is running out. Click, click on the keyboard. A brilliant idea emerges.


Magic, as explained in story books, myths, and legends, has been dead for a long time. The whispering, pulsing energy so suffused with ancient power as to be power itself, has been dead for as long as human history has existed. The ghosts of its memory occasionally flickers across the collective human psyche, but they are but the last twitches of an extinct force. The Ley Lines are dark, have been for centuries, with only echoes for the mad hermit’s to talk to anymore. The Elves and Unicorns have wandered into the darkest forests and been reabsorbed into a reality that their impossible natures cannot support, the mermaids and sea serpents teeter on the brink of nonexistence, the trolls have turned to stone, and the dragons, the very embodiment of the wild relentless power of magic, have retreated into imagination.

And yet… things are stirring. The forests are still lack the laughter of the fae, the high mountains bereft the fire of dragons, but in deep alleys and forgotten server boxes, something seems to be growing. With the modern age of electronics and lines of cables spanning the globe, some core element of ancient power has found a new embodiment.

The digital age has sparked something, a more modern force that one might just consider calling magic. The Ley Lines lay dead, but the landlines practically thrum with the power of information. Graffiti takes on the strange script of the occult, stone has become silicon, forests of trees replaced with forests of steel and glass.

Something is trickling back into the world, and to those whose ancestors once danced around standing stones, the song of power is beginning to drum at the back of their skulls. This new world will need those who understand it, and those who can protect and channel it. For where there is power, there is inevitably those who would seek to abuse it.

The Abiders. A powerful hand in the government. They control everything, and want to keep that control. This new world order, in which magic is stirring is not going to benefit them. No, they will fight it by all costs, making sure those with the special gifts stay silent. If they gain a voice, the Abiders would lose all their power, for magic, of the old, of the ancient, is the most powerful force on Earth and could overthrow their reign. Especially her.

Right there, my character would come in of course. Yes, there is the beginning of magic. I sit back in my chair and play with my nipples. The beginnings of a novel, yes it will be wonderful. A magic night in which he parted my legs, and just….well, had me reeling in orgasmic bliss stay vivid in my memory.

Click, click of the keyboard, click-tock of the clock. The universal truths we hold to ourselves are abstract, like the fragments of this piece all put together in my mind. the workings of a novel, the chatter of a chatroom, Bing Crosby in the background, my nakedness and Honey Jack Daniels, all fuel to the fire.

Where do we go from here?

Hmm. Wouldn’t you like to know.


About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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  1. DC-N says:

    Interesting mix!

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