In My Little Bubble of Bliss, I Would Like To Share the Wealth

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There are some moments in life when you just sit back and let out a nice “Ahhhhh” I had a moment like that tonight. Despite all the ugliness going on in the world today, I found a spot in my own universe where I can thankfully say, “Thank God for the People on the Internet!” Haha. Crazy isn’t it?

I have a clear head tonight. Yeah, okay, I am probably knee-deep in a manic episode, because I swear I feel like I am high as a kite. I was wobbly earlier in the day, and I was sick in a fit of confusion, but a couple of hours, (and maybe a few shots of Honey Jack Daniels, yeah okay I cheated), did wonders for my psyche.

I had a magical evening. My night was spent with the Captain, engaging in some wonderful bonding and conversation followed with some naughty fun, which I actually didn’t realize I needed. I had some bouts with some sexual confusion earlier in the day, where certain things were turning me off and I was wondering if I was losing my damn mind. Not only was it SO much fun romping around with the Captain, I felt like a brand new woman. Layers of frustration and angst just melted away, and I couldn’t believe how sexy and alive it all made me feel.

But I am not going to go on and gush about how great everything is, you people got shit to do, and honestly, when people gush about how great everything is, you just want to give them a big can of “Shut the fuck up!!” I know people, I have been on Facebook tonight, and I don’t know about you, but I have had ENOUGH of Tom Brady and the Patriots. We get it, you’re going for your sixth Superbowl ring, you’re fabulous, we know how great you are and how happy all your fans are too. Now kindly, shove it!

Anyhoo, what prompted me to write tonight are the AMAZING people on WordPress that I am getting introduced to, that have some BIG issues to discuss, and damn, they really got some GOOD shit to say, so give them some love and hit them up with a Follow!

I know I don’t usually post other’s blogger’s stuff on my site, because you know, its my blog, and its my crap, but I think some of you guys will really like this. And you KNOW we are all trying to make our own little slice of heaven here on WordPress, by having our followers comment and share our joys, tears and sometimes EPIC trainwrecks.

So I am going to give a little love to a few bloggers, whose stories have made me shed a tear, and even quickened my heartbeat since reading their material.


The Colour Of Madness

Australian Facebook and Twitter feeds were recently overwhelmed by disbelief and heartbreak after the death of Amy Jayne Everett, a young girl affectionately known as “Dolly” and famous for being the cute smiling 6yr old face behind an Akubra Christmas add campaign 8 years ago.

Unknown Dolly Everette – image from

Dolly was relentlessly bullied online, she was only 14 years old and she died by suicide.

I barely survived the depression and suicidal thoughts of my own 90’s childhood, but when I was bullied, at least I could leave the school yard go home and have a break from the incessant torment, a moment to regroup, to breath. Kids today go home, log on to the computer to do their homework or play a game on their phones and are inundated with pop up message notifications from social media sites. Bullies don’t need to wait for the school holidays…Click here to read more

I had the pleasure of actually tearing up reading this post and it moved me in more ways than one. Credit has to be given to Revenge of Eve’s Blog because she originally reblogged the post from her site, and not only have I become so enthralled with this wonderful woman, but I think she has a great future on the blogging platform. What I mean is, I have been blogging for five years, and I don’t think I quite have the “star power” this blogger has. She does funny, interesting and moving posts that make you think. It’s like one of those wonderful things in life where you think, “damn this person was made for this shit.”

Anyway, as I reviewed some of the other blogs on my feed, I had to take this opportunity to share this wonderful piece, written by an amazing writer, (who I have come to know as jaw-dropping/sex-kitten/bad-ass bitch). Since I am sharing and giving love to what inspired me to write this piece tonight, I think this chica needs to not only gain more followers, but needs to write a damn book! I swear when reading her material, it was like living my dream of actually sitting down and picking up a newspaper and reading one of Carrie Bradshaw’s Sex and the City articles. Better yet, if this lovely lady gets a book deal, I think I would buy it for sure!


Anyway, it starts here, but it gets SO fucking good that I have been at the edge of my seat waiting for her future posts.


But, She Was Fierce’s Blog

I met Chris* on the weekend for the first time. A 40-something man I’d been speaking with for about a week on Plenty of Fish.

We met for brunch and the attraction was instant. We hugged a greeting that felt like I’d known him my whole life. The conversation flowed freely, effortlessly, about my past, his past, his marriage breakdown and mine, his two* kids, his career*. I’d never felt so connected to someone so quickly. It was one of the most intense first dates I’ve ever had.

After brunch, we wandered out of the café and I asked what he wanted to do. Without missing a beat, he said that he wanted to eat my pussy. I took his hand and walked him around the corner to my building and we took the lift to my apartment.

I’d like to say I remember our first kiss, the feel of his lips pressed into mine, the graze of the fine stubble on his chin, the softness of his tongue caressing my own. But I don’t remember any of that because within seconds of getting my jeans off, he had two fingers inside me and just moments later he made me…..Click here to read how saucy this gets!

Oh, but it gets better:

Last night was my third date with Chris*. He delights me in a million ways. Intelligent and witty, funny and gentlemanly, dirty and considerate. But there’s something off. Something he’s not telling me. He tried to explain that it’s because he had some recent bad dating experiences where the women turned up unannounced at his workplace and his children’s school. I understand to an extent but there’s something not quite right. There’s nothing that if he asked I wouldn’t tell him. He won’t even tell me his surname, giving me only “Smith”.

It’s such a small, insignificant thing but it speaks volumes for how he sees me and it bugs me like a mosquito near your ear at night. Without it, I can’t google him, ensure he’s not an axe-murderer or see his professional history. How to explain that it’s just my way of wanting to know him better.

He told me late in the night, after we had spent hours fucking in the bath, the shower, on the bed, that there was something he wanted to tell me. But not yet. A lump crept into my throat, that uneasiness of something not being right, and it hasn’t really left……Oh, I know we all have been there, Click here to read more!

And one more to delight the senses:

We nicknamed it Terrible Tuesday although the fact that “we” nicknamed anything already reveals there’s more to this story. If I’d been smart, there would never have been a “we” after such a day.

He was on his way to the snow and decided to crash at my place and get up early to drive the rest of the way. It’d been two weeks since we first met, two incredible weeks. Three amazing dates and sessions of sex and conversation and connection. I hadn’t felt so happy or connected to someone in a very long time. The similarities between us surprised me every day. We thought alike, shared a sense of humour, felt the same way about sex.

On Terrible Tuesday, he arrived at my place about 7 and we had dinner together. After dinner, in my ensuite, we stepped into the shower where we felt so comfortable together. We started doodling on the fogged-up screen as had become something of a thing between us……Ok, I am going to ruin it because its my blog, but it goes totally south for my wonderful heroine here. This guy exposes himself to be King of All Liars in what is a total “Mr. Big” Moment..But Click here to find out the rest

I am so stuck on her story, there were actual heart stopping moments there!

Anyway, I know this has been a shameful advertisement on other blogger’s posts, but I think I owe it to these wonderful women for making my night as amazing as it was.

(Although that powerful orgasm I had sure helped too, hehe).

To all you wonderful bloggers out there, I LOVE your writing, so PLEASE keep blogging your hearts away. I often find myself a bit sad and lost sometimes, but coming to WordPress always ends up lifting my spirits.

As always, my crazy manic ass stayed up WAY too late again.

Shit, I hope I don’t miss my therapy appointment tomorrow. Yikes!

Stay tuned.



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I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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6 Responses to In My Little Bubble of Bliss, I Would Like To Share the Wealth

  1. AKN says:

    Thank you so much for sharing my blog and posts and your kind words about my writing. It means the world to know there are people out there feeling my stories. There is more to this tale of ChrisNotChris and I can tell you he’s not happy about my writing it for all to read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I absolutely know it and I can imagine! But I urge you to go forward and keep writing, This is an anonymous blog for all to see, and there is really nothing incriminating on here except for the events that transpired. So I say just go for it! And you’re so welcome,. I am such a big fan!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, thank you so much for sharing my post!
    That was so lovely and unexpected 🙂
    xoxo Kate

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Just discovered your wonderful gem of writing. Put me in a great place for which I thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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