A Short, Simple, Bittersweet Rant About The “Friends” We Have on Facebook


How many of you guys actually KNOW all of your friends on Facebook? I know its been around a long time, so how many of those people on your list that you’ve racked up, are people who you actually know in real life? My guess? Close to nil. Okay, maybe not for you, but definitely for me.

I rejoined Facebook just last month, and decided to stick around for good, mostly in memory of my friend Tracy Holden, who died from a heart attack at the tender age of 33. She lived far away, and had come to visit me years ago, but we kinda lost contact over the years. Our only real connection WAS Facebook, so I felt guilty that I had turned my back on the social media giant, mainly because I thought it was too “toxic.” In all honesty though, I was just jealous of all my old friends getting married, having babies, and living wonderful, happy lives.

But all that is bullshit, because we all know that most of that isn’t really the whole story to their lives, just what they want to show us, which is mostly all the good stuff. All the ugliness is usually behind the scenes….

But I digress.

The point of this post is that I don’t really know EVERYONE on my Facebook friends list, even though I have a 122 count of friends. Now to some that might seem like a lot, but in Facebook language, 122 friends is just a mere handful. Interesting right? Anyway, I kept that number the way it is because I had cut out a lot of the nonsense fluff, you know, people who just post negative shit; and also avoided all the “random” friend requests that come out of nowhere. I don’t buy into that whole gimmick of the “People You May Know” feature. That whole thing just seems like a trap from a Nigerian Prince/Princess. Yeah, call me paranoid, but on top of that, it also seems like a huge Catfish trap. I’ve seen the show, I know.

Anyway, on to the rant. I got a private message from a real life friend of friend I had added a few years ago. Now I barely know this dude, but he is, or was, really close to one my girlfriends from a long time ago, and I might have actually talked to him once or twice. He posts a lot of funny stuff, and I admit they make me smile, so naturally I “like” them. I have also “loved” and “laughed” at them too, a new feature Facebook added a while back that’s kinda cool.

The problem? This dude saved a screenshot from all of all the times I have “liked,” “loved,” or “laughed” at his posts in a nice long list, messaged me with a friggin’ copy of this damn thing, along with the creepy line, “I think I have a secret admirer.”

Lord have mercy. I know it seems small, petty, nonsensical, and kinda stupid, but I was totally annoyed at this nonsense. I messaged him, “Dude, I barely know you, it’s not that serious, but honestly, not everyone wants to fuck you,” followed by a block and an automatic “unfriend.” I really didn’t even want to see his response, because if he said something like “chill bruh,” I might have just lost it.

But yeah, either way, that was kinda harsh of me, and a bit of a stretch, but screw it, the guy is an obvious creep with absolutely nothing to do but keep track of how many women are paying attention to his Facebook posts. Did he really think sending me that creepy message was going to get a positive response? And furthermore, have me swoon so my panties dropped? Haha, what do you think? I know what I think, and I am leaning towards dropping panties, because hey, I have had my experiences with guys on the internet, and most of the conversations are usually headed there. Think that’s because I’m a disgruntled feminist? Nah, I’m just a realist, so don’t be hating!

Anyway, that won’t deter me from Facebook, I still want to make an effort to connect to many of the people I know there, you know, in remembrance of my friend. I just thought it was a funny, and somehow weird, experience about the people we have as “friends’ on there, and I wanted to share it with my friendly WordPress neighbors.

You never know, some random person you may have added years ago may be “tracking” how many times you “like” something on their page too. And MAYBE you will be “oh so lucky” like me and have them send you a copy of that stalker shit, along with a smiley, winkey face right out of the Fatal Attraction handbook.

Yeah, I know, a bit overdramatic, but anything is possible these days.

Fun, fun, fun!!

Stay tuned.


About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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4 Responses to A Short, Simple, Bittersweet Rant About The “Friends” We Have on Facebook

  1. I rejoined Facebook this month, a hiatus inspired by boredom of the usual sharing of inane things, people’s drama and shizzle that I wasn’t interested in. I’ve come back with a new pseudonym, limiting who I add. I’m using it to stay in touch with friends and family. Yes, it’s great to catch up with people that I’ve not seen in years: school friends.

    I feel that the detachment we have through Facebook makes people nastier and don’t think before they post.

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    • Yup 100% agree! I am glad you rejoined and are keeping in contact too. But I think the whole “being nastier” thing isn’t only reserved for just Facebook, just being on the internet in general brings out the worst in people. Thanks for reading! ❤


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