I Sit Here and Ask Myself, Why Bother and Believe in God, When You Are Just Told It is Mental Illness – Shocking Update

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Joy Behar was PUSHED to apologize because she said that people who hear the Voice of Jesus are suffering from mental illness. In my ongoing battle to understand faith and MY battle with Bipolar 1, I find it interesting that all this comes up about a week after I made the post below. As much as every fiber of my being is telling me to “look at the signs” and the “hypocrisy” here, I am holding it together, perhaps stronger than ever.

I have been faced with many truths these past few weeks; signs and events in which a “normal” person would feel “enlightened,” “enthralled,” and perhaps touched by the “Hand of the Divine” itself. Not me though. I have to fight the bitter reality that IF I EVEN HAD THE SLIGHTEST THOUGHT of that, I would be thrown into a mental institution and drugged up from here to Kingdom Come, (when I tell you they use every DAMN medication known in creation to give you, I am NOT kidding at all), and then simply told by the entire TEAM I am usually assigned of Mental Health Professionals, “It was all mania, it isn’t reality.” I got news for you “Mental Health Association,” I just moved my Queen into a prime position on the Chess board, (I plan on going to my monthly psychiatrist appointment tomorrow and ask him to increase my Seroquel dosage so I can get a better control of my sleep and ENSURE the mania stays away).

So I plan on staying out of the mental hospital, while all this bullshit is going on. Keep it up, someone WILL take notice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jesus himself would be the one who will.

Below is the post I published on March 2, 2018 entitled: I Sit Here and Ask Myself, Why Bother and Believe in God, When You Are Just Told It is Mental Illness:

I can’t even tell you what I face now. In the wake of my recent family struggles, all the drama with friends, difficulty in setting realistic goals, I picked up a book today called “Lord Help Me Change,” and I literally laughed, scoffed and then got so angry I fought furiously in complete opposition of what a “Pure, Good Believer in the Eyes of God,” is supposed to be. (Or what I think it is supposed to be, according to what I have heard about Sin and all that jazz).

I took my drugs tonight, like a good bipolar patient, and couldn’t seem to find rest or peace because my mind just REFUSES to give me that simple necessity. I was angry. SO ANGRY at the fact that reading the pages of the amazing book The Captain’s mom sent me, (from a wonderful minister in Chicago), made me feel absolutely nothing but mistrust and absolute disdain as I laid there in bed. I had been granted with a miracle, escaped the clutches of psychosis, and STILL, I don’t believe. You know, I can’t. I just can’t. Not after all I have seen and done – the pills, the doctors, the mental hospitals, all the alternate realities, and the full on madness of my mind.

I struggle with finding God, I do, because the countless times I have heard His Voice, SO LOUD AND CLEAR IN MY HEAD, the times I heard Jesus himself, the times The Hand of The Almighty reached out to mine, I found myself on the floor of a psych ward, begging the nurses and doctors not to pump me up with countlesss drugs. I can’t, I can’t do this. I am faced with the bitter reality that the safety net I thought I could enjoy for the next few years is slowly being ripped from right underneath me, with me powerless to stop it.

I wanted to turn to God. I wanted my pills to work. I wanted my blog to reach more people. But like everything in life, my words fall on deaf ears, no one hears my call, no one sees me, and I suffer alone and angry at myself that I am nothing but a selfish, spoiled brat. I have been hiding behind being bipolar way too damn long. People suffer with this illness you know, most even fight the battle totally untreated, but they pull it together, go to work, provide for their families and they MAKE it through life. What is my excuse??

And can someone please tell me WHY the preacher who hears the voice of Jesus, and sings loudly in joy and excitement at the “Word of the Almighty Lord, Hallelujah!!!’ Why he doesn’t get locked up in a psych ward for hearing voices? Isn’t the voice of Jesus a voice?? Go ahead, call me a sinner, a blasphemous harlot, I don’t even care. I am angry tonight. I am angry at the fact that I can’t pray without thinking its a damn joke because of what the doctors called my epiphanies, and then in turn drugged me up with medication. Where do I fit in the grand scheme of things? Why is it, that if I were to scream “I hear the voice of Jesus, let’s all rejoice!” outside of a church, I will be locked up in mental institution?

In the face of ALL of this, I still refuse to become an atheist. Despite EVERY logical thing I have learned, EVERY fact that has been presented to me, ALL the drugs that are in my system, I BELIEVE. I laughed in God’s face you know, and yet I know he STILL loves me. I am a fool in the biggest prank ever made, but I was robbed of my rest tonight to reach you out there. You, the person who is reading this post right now. In regards to me screaming that I hear Jesus in my mind outside of the walls of a church, I will simply say this:

Jesus said… the Kingdom of God is inside you, and all around you, not in mansions of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood… and I am there, lift a stone… and you will find me.

So yeah, that’s what I believe, even though that quote is COMPLETELY discredited as being heresay, but that’s what keeps me going. In the face of mental illness, in the face of the horrible stigma placed upon us, in the face of the all the judgmental fingers being pointed at us around the world in the wake of the latest school shooting, that’s what keeps me going.

I am going to pop a Melatonin pill on top of all this damn Seroquel I am on to try to rest tonight.

And I am going to say a prayer as I fall into slumber, scoffing, refusing to believe in God, but at the same time completely, and utterly believing in Him anyway.


I dare you any of you who are reading this post to tell me I am losing my mind here. Somethings you just can’t ignore, you just can’t.

Stay tuned.


About shatteredwishes

I am in my late-thirties just trying to figure out life in a big city. "When in life you are handed lemons, make a vodka martini." "When I am happy I enjoy the music, but when I am sad I understand the lyrics."
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19 Responses to I Sit Here and Ask Myself, Why Bother and Believe in God, When You Are Just Told It is Mental Illness – Shocking Update

  1. Revenge of Eve says:

    Wow!! It feels great to confirm your thoughts doesn’t it?! Especially for us “mental cases”.

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  2. Coyote from Orion says:

    What is the difference between God and a doctor?
    God doesn’t think he’s a doctor.

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    • You wanna bet? I am EXTREMELY angry right now at this situation, so forgive me if I sound rude. But YOU try and pray and find God when you’re in my position, when YOU ARE BEATEN AND SCOLDED AND MEDICATED BEYOND FUCKING RECOGNITION BECAUSE YOU BELIEVE IN HIM. I ask you that. Truly.


      • Coyote from Orion says:

        You’re singing to the choir. I am in the same boat. That is an old joke told around health by people who aren’t doctors. I got fucked up the ass by a junkie psych nurse when I was 18 and it fucked my life and those supporting me.
        Keep on keeping on and don’t stop praying. Jesus would be doing the hard work if he were here now not saying pretty words sitting in opulent restaurants.
        Don’t give up

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  3. I’m with you 1,000%. I’m still waiting to hear from the White House about Trumps comment. They’ll never answer or apologize. I am not that naive. I was hoping to raisse some noise within our community but didn’t work. I’m currently working on different approach, from the top, to make ourselves heard.

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  4. Heya beautiful lady, sorry if I’ve been dragging you down with me. I’m so in and out of all this, somewhere between all knowing and utterly confused. I feel like Katie Holmes in Touched by Fire, best cinimatic expression of mania I’ve seen to date… Anyway, just wanted to say I’m sorry.
    Love and hugs, I admire your strength xoxo Kate

    Liked by 1 person

    • You know what sweetheart, I am the one that should be TOTALLY apologizing to you. Truly, I mean that. I have NO RIGHT to judge you for enjoying the fruits of your mania. Because I have to make the firm choice to avoid that manic state for myself, doesn’t mean I have to make you feel bad about enjoying yours. I will follow your blog again, and support you on your journey no matter what Kate. You are a darling and going through SO much, I feel like it would be absolutely wrong to abandon you now. Love and Hugs back my friend. ❤


  5. awkward brown guy says:

    Gosh, this is powerful stuff. “And can someone please tell me WHY the preacher who hears the voice of Jesus, and sings loudly in joy and excitement at the “Word of the Almighty Lord, Hallelujah!!!’ Why he doesn’t get locked up in a psych ward for hearing voices? Isn’t the voice of Jesus a voice??” – and this is an interesting point, actually. There must be a reason why you hold on to Jesus/God, no matter what.

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    • Yeah absolutely, I agree! It has been a very emotional time for me you know, trying to figure out what God/Jesus means to me, how “They” speak to me in regards to my bipolar diagnosis. I am REALLY struggling with the whole concept honestly. But luckily, I did end up getting that medication increase so it has been helping calm things down a bit and is putting things into better perspective. (Even though I HATE medication, but I am going to have to accept the fact that I need it now). Anyway, thanks for reading! ❤


      • awkward brown guy says:

        Ah, that sounds so difficult. I can sense the inner turmoil :/ I really didn’t want to rely on medication either – I went off sertraline last year when I was feeling high-as-a-kite last year…and then crashed again! Happy to take it now. Much prefer feeling a bit more positive and level-headed.

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  6. violakaroly says:

    That woman is vile. Just putrid energy surrounding her. It’s sad.

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  7. violakaroly says:

    Do you know what question got me sectioned? A Hindu doctor asked me if Hindus go to hell. Lol. That was the question. I’ve always said no but God told me to say yes on that day. Haha. Even the priest said it was evidence. My husband and doctor were Hindu. Rigidity is the sign of psychotic religious delusions…

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  8. shanjeniah says:

    I can feel the exhaustion in having this question, and not being able to rest. I send you love, and the hope of answers and rest.

    Liked by 2 people

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