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Gaming Culture, Sensitivity and Bullying

Online gaming. It’s one of those most lucrative and addictive platforms out there and it is probably more addicting than social media or Tinder swiping, (hard to believe right?) I thought of something today. Why are kids getting bullied in … Continue reading

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Spreading the Good Vibes – Wouldn’t It Be Nice If There Was More of That In the World Today?

You all know it – Open any news app, or basically anything on the internet, and all you see is a bunch of horrible crap. I know some people who actually avoid the News all together just to maintain their … Continue reading

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Down, and Down the Rabbit Hole I Go

I am at the top of the world. Things are amazing, and I have wonderful friends and family, with so much love in my life. And then, the hole of depression opens up and swallows everything I have worked so … Continue reading

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Let’s Get Real For a Second. I Know You’re Probably Sick of Hearing it, But What Do You Really Think of #MeToo?

Trust me this is not some rant about “Girl Power!” (Cue Spice Girls?) but I am honestly deeply disturbed in my heart at what #MeToo has become. Jill Messick’s story hit me really hard, probably more than it should have, … Continue reading

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Did You Ever Wonder..Why are People So Angry?

Is it just me, or does it seem that more and more every day, people just HATE each other for no good reason? I mean some could argue and say it’s always been there, and it’s just more exposed with … Continue reading

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