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When You Know He’s “The One,” Because You’d Rather Live Life the Hard Way….

I have thoughts of the guy in my life, warm thoughts, and feelings of love. But I can’t ignore the lack of intimacy and what I give up each day to be with him. I am at a crossroads in … Continue reading

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To My Angel, Once Upon A Time I Loved…

  I loved a man I thought was the one The one I was meant for, Who could be replaced by none   I thought I could never let him go We were to be bonded forever, I just couldn’t … Continue reading

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The Real Me. Up Close and Personal. A Tribute To “Marble Tulips.”

So, what is it like to “come out” on WordPress for the first time? Pretty scary, well, to me anyway. I think blogging has taught me that there is personal satisfaction in keeping your anonymity in tact, mostly because, well, … Continue reading

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Moments. Sometimes They Can Hit You Like a Ton of Bricks, and the Pain Lingers

Not necessarily a bad pain either. Sometimes it’s so good it hurts! Honestly, I think we have all been at a point in our lives where we have just stopped, did a double-take and were like DAMN, what was THAT … Continue reading

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There Is Should, Would, and What Is

What does it feel like to have a breakthrough? To know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be? You can roll your eyes right now, but if you are reading this post, what are you chasing? That … Continue reading

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Why Do We Sweat the Small Stuff?

Ever sit down and ask yourself that question? That guy cut you off hours ago and you’re still steaming? That Facebook post of the happiest couple ever still sticking in your craw? Did your boss forget to acknowledge something wonderful … Continue reading

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Being the Sadist. No One Does The Most Damage to Myself But Me.

Can someone explain to me why we do this? Probably more women do it to themselves than men, but come on!! All I know is that I am sick of it. So how do you fix this messed up way … Continue reading

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